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DEMO Page 2

First time visitors will access the Medial Professional Information page.  This page allows you to provide your practice information that will be submitted with permits to the DMV.  To access this page for future updates, select the Exam Locations option from the application menu.

Step One The Certifier information is for the medical professional whose license is being used to issue and certify permits.  All fields are required. You are able to create multiple exam locations for your practice.  To add additional locations, select the dropdown arrow and click “Add New Address” from the menu.  To edit another location already on file, select the location from the dropdown menu. The exam location name is a nickname for each location.  This is what will appear when issuing permits. Select Add / Update Location when you are finished making updates for this location and would like to remain on this page for further updates. Select Save when you are finished making updates.  This will take you to the Search Permit Records/ Issue Permits page.