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DEMO Page1

Welcome to the online demo of the Handicap Permit Request Online Application!  This demo will explain the flow of the application and tips for navigating around to manage your permit applications. When you enter the Handicap Permit Request site, you will need to log in.  Once logged in, you are able to view/edit your information, view existing permits and create and submit new permit applications.

Anywhere you see an object highlighted with a blue box, move your curser to it to see a tip.  Use the numbers at the top of the page to move to the next section of the Demo.

Enter your medical license number Drug Enforcement Agency number. This is a 9 digit number. Do Not Enter “DEA”  Ex: AB9578259  --- If you do not have a DEA Control #, use the alternative login link above. Medical professionals without a DEA number will need to login using an alternative login. You will use your Medical License Number, License Type and Date of Birth to login. If you have a DEA Control number and it is not working to access the system, use this link to login while the system updates with new information. Once your DEA # is available to the system, you will be required to use that to log in. Step One