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DEMO Page 7

Once you save a permit, or select Pending Permits from the application menu, the Review for Submission page will display.  This page will display all permits that you have created and are pending submission to the DMV, and all permits you have submitted since being logged into the system.

Step One This section will display all permits that you have saved but not yet submitted to the DMV.  To review the permit information, click anywhere on the record to expand the details.  If you notice an error with the application, you can edit the application by clicking Edit. If you created an application in error, click the Delete button to delete the record and NOT submit it to the DMV. If you submitted permits to the DMV since you have been logged in, they will display in this section. Download a PDF receipt for the patient if requested. Once the unsubmitted permits have been reviewed for accuracy, click the Submit Permits button to submit them to the DMV.  Permits will be mailed to the patient within 5 to 10 business days.