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A final payment review. Any changes to the payer should be made in this section.

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Waiverable Citation Payment System

Verify Information and Submit Payment

Please review the information below.

If there are changes you need to make, select the "Make Changes" button to edit the information.

After verifying all the information is correct, select the "I Agree" button to proceed.

Contact Information

John Doe
Name: John Doe
145 Any Street
Address: 145 Any Street
Any City
City: Any City
State/Province: Nebraska
Zip Code:
Zip Code: 68555
United States
Country: United States
Phone Number:
Phone Number: 402-123-4567
Email Address:
Email Address:

Account Information

Routing Number:
Routing Number: 490000118
Verify Routing Number:
Verify Routing Number: 490000118
Account Number:
Account Number: ****3816
Verify Account Number:
Verify Account Number: ****3816
Account Type:
Account Type: Checking Order Total (includes the payment(s) that will be remitted to the agency)

Description: NE Court
Id: ne51f2c1e686887
Quantity: 1

Agreement to Pay

I understand that the above amount will be charged to my bank account, and that my bank statement will show this amount as being paid to "NE Court". Please be aware that some banks will not allow an electronic debit by a third party. If you are unsure if your bank will allow this transaction you may want to contact them before proceeding.

Please be patient once you have hit the "I Agree / Submit Payment" button, it may take up to 60 seconds before your order is completed. Upon completion you will be returned to the "Waiverable Citation Payment System".