Nebraska Supreme Court

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The waiver page provides a reminder of each right you agree to give up when making a payment online. Please verify that the 'waiver allowed' box on your citation is selected prior to proceeding.

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Waiver and Plea Instructions

If the "waiver allowed" box at the bottom of the ticket has been marked, you are allowed to waive your rights, plead guilty, and pay the established fine and costs for this offense without appearing in court. You may, if you wish, appear in court and contest this matter.

waiver allowed box location

Pleading guilty by waiver means you will give up the following rights

  • To have an attorney assist you in preparations of your defense and to represent you in court, you may be entitled to an attorney at public expense if you cannot afford one.
  • To have the complaint read to you and to be informed of the possible penalties in the event of your conviction.
  • To have a trial before a judge, or in certain cases, a jury.
  • To have sufficient time to prepare your defense
  • To confront and cross-examine witnesses against you.
  • To require witnesses to attend court and testify on your behalf.
  • To remain silent and not make any statement concerning the circumstances surrounding this violation.
  • To testify on your behalf.
  • To require the prosecution to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • To appeal any final decision or order of the court.

Waiver of Appearance and Plea of Guilty

By clicking Agree, I affirm that I have read, understand, and waive the above rights and plead guilty to the offense charged on this citation. The Court will enter a judgment of conviction, finding you guilty as charged, and, where applicable, points will be assessed against your driving record.

Waiver Authorization

By clicking Agree, I do hereby declare that I am the person or authorized by the person named on the citation that is being paid. I do understand that I can be fined up to $500 or sentenced 6 months in jail if I am not the person or authorized by the person named on the citation.