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Active Nebraska Motor Fuels Retailers - Last Updated: Tue Jul 16 07:18:25 2024

What Is It?

Anyone engaged in the business of making retail sales of motor fuel in Nebraska must be licensed as a retailer. Retailers are those businesses making sales of motor fuel to ultimate consumers. This listing includes licensed wholesalers and distributors who also make retail sales.

If your customer is only located in this section, you may only sell them tax-paid motor fuels.

If your customer is also located in the section entitled Active Nebraska Motor Fuels Licensees, you may sell them tax-free motor fuels.

If your customer is not located in either section, you may not sell them motor fuels for resale in Nebraska.

What Do I Need This For?

You will need their FEIN to complete your tax return schedules.

How Do I Search?

You can either perform a search for a specific individual here in the listings, or you can download the full listing of all the filers. The full listing is in Tab Delimited text format, which facilitates easy loads into both database and spreadsheet programs.

Online Search

To perform a search of the system, please enter the name or FEIN number of the business entity you wish to view. If you enter both, the FEIN will be used by default. To perform the search, click the "Search" button after you have entered your search data.


To download the Tab Delimited text file of all filers, click on the button below. If your browser does not automatically download this file, but displays in the window instead, you can simply choose File->Save from your web browser menu to save the file to your computer.