NIC Nebraska can assist in every aspect of the payment life cycle. For example, our Transactional Payment Engine is a flexible and robust transaction management tool and is provided to all government entities utilizing payment processing via

Transactional Payment Engine

Transactional Payment Engine and it's reporting is tailored for government. Envision end to end visibility with 26 reports broken down by department, date and transaction detail.

Find your answers quickly! Our 3-day disbursement schedule ensures that our partners have ample time to prepare for reconciliation.


Benefits Include

  • Multiple payment channels: Web, IVR, Over the Counter, Mobile and Recurring payments
  • Multiple payment types: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and eCheck
  • Multiple fee structures: Self-funded by convenience fees or time and materials
  • Multiple merchant account configurations for large-scale governments
  • Automated daily disbursements to your bank accounts
  • Administration of refunds and management of chargeback returns are handled by NIC services on your behalf
  • Financial reports are exportable and accessible in real time through easy-to-use administrative interfaces, Web services for system-to-system reporting, and scheduled reports delivered by email at defined times
  • Payments are processed in real time without the need for batch files and without any limitations on the volume of transactions processed per day
Servers stacked together creating the Transactional Payment Engine.  A modern wonder of the world, truly.