Our Partnership

Tyler Technologies has been awarded the contract (#69584 O4) with the State of Nebraska to provide electronic services, payment solutions and web design. Our effective IT processes, cutting edge design and innovative solutions have resulted in a 20-year history of successful collaboration, increased government efficiencies and streamlined citizen-government interaction. Operating under the self-funded model, we create and maintain these services without spending taxpayer dollars and with little to no cost to government agencies.

Together the state of Nebraska and Tyler Technologies partner to create cost savings and government efficiencies. If you’re interested, the Master Contract is available to view online.

In April of 2021, Tyler Technologies, Inc. completed the acquisition of NIC Inc., and all its state portals including the Lincoln, Nebraska office. Together, Tyler provides the broadest, most integrated portfolio of mission-critical software solutions and services exclusively for the public sector. Through our empowering Connected Communities vision, we are enabling smarter, safer, and stronger communities. With the addition of NIC’s highly complementary, industry-leading digital government solutions and payment services to Tyler's broad client base and multiple sales channels, the combined company will be well equipped to address the tremendous demand at the federal, state, and local levels for innovative platform solutions. Together, Tyler and NIC will connect data and processes across disparate systems and deliver essential products and services to all public sector stakeholders.

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Our work speaks for itself and apparently it speaks to the people giving out awards too.

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Think you have what it takes to stand shoulder to shoulder with the e-government elite?

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Press Releases

We do a lot of cool things when it comes to e-government and the press eats it up.

Funding Magic

How it Works

  • Modest fees ranging from $1-3 are applied to a limited number of services, which covers the cost of building, maintaining and expanding the digital government platform at NO COST to government.
  • Transaction fees create a sustainable funding stream to support long-term growth. Proven model for decades in multiple states.
  • With this in place an average of 75% of digital government services are typically at no cost to the users. Funding from this number of fees services support enterprise-wide digital government expansion.
  • Ongoing funding source is reinvested in building new services.
  • Tyler Technologies is only paid when digital government services are used. We have built-in incentive to deploy in-demand services and market them to citizens and businesses.
  • Strong central governance sets the digital government strategy, determines priorities, sets efficiency fees and maintains data control.
The self-funded model explained through the use of hi-tech modern computer graphics. It reads, 'Online application, generates fees, those fees fuel another application.' Isn't technology cool?
Our Secret Sauce

Why Government Works With Us

  • No Tax Dollars Required
    • Modest efficiency fees cover all operations costs.
  • Flexible Approach
    • We customize every solution to meet the unique operating, financial and political needs to each agency.
  • Customer Service Excellence
    • Around-the-clock customer support for agencies and end users support during business hours via phone, email, live help and SMS channels.
  • Agency-Friendly Contracting
    • Need an enhancement? No ongoing maintenance costs or need for RFP. Our model eliminates the need to renegotiate.
  • Our Entire Company
    • We are one block from the Nebraska State Capital building and happy to meet any time. We employ local Nebraskans and these teams are dedicated to making our partnership successful.
The majestic Nebraska State Capitol sits atop a grassy hill signifying our great partnership with the state.
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Time and Materials

When a project doesn’t fit the self-funded model we offer projects at Time and Materials, usually at a rate below the market.

Money comes in, money goes out.  At a base level, this is the foundation of business. And by golly, here at Tyler Technologies, we do business and do it well.


A small fee is collected to support maintenance costs and self-funded projects.