Quickly deliver electronic payment services from multiple payment channels.

Secure Checkout Screen Integration

Do you have your own application? CCI will can handle the payment processing and the PCI compliance. Your application sends the transaction data to the CommonCheckout interface and it collects and processes all the payment information.


Benefits Include

  • Payment information is never transferred over your network or stored locally. No liability.
  • PCI and Visa Compliance maintenance is monitored and updated by Tyler Technologies. No responsibility.
  • Receipts are emailed directly to payers.
  • Configurable templates allow you to display your own logo and text for a seamless user experience and reusable. Quick turn around.
  • Multiple payment channels are accepted and checkout screens integrate with credit/debit/swiper devices for web payment collected at point of sale
  • Transaction details are sent directly back to your web application. No data entry.
  • Transactions and disbursement details available through TPE for easy management of the payment lifecycle
  • Configuration fees are built into the settings.
  • Easy adaptation to EGX or POS swipers, optional feature.
An online payment being securely processed by Tyler Technologies.

Direct Integration

Use this method when you need to integrate your own checkout screens with Nebraska Transaction Payment Engine (TPE).


Benefits Include

  • Application programming interfaces available to developers who write applications that include their own secure checkout screens.
  • Customers fill out all payment information within the application & the application communicates with Tyler Technologies back-end payment management engine using a standard API. Simple communication.
  • Tyler Technologies processes the payment and returns either a success with a receipt or failure code to the calling application. The user is prompted what to do next.
  • APIs supported include: Java, .NET, Perl, PHP
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Recurring Payment Integration

Want to offer your customers the ability to schedule their payment?

Citizens and businesses can register with our recurring payment billing service utilizing web services via the originating application.

We will generate an ID for the customer and collect the payment information for ACH or credit card. This ensures that all payment data and sensitive information are stored in the Tyler Technologies PCI compliant environment and not stored in the originating application.

All that is required to be retained on the application side are the payment recurrence details including Customer ID, Payment Capture Data, Amount and Service information.


Benefits Include

  • Multiple Payment Methods: We support all major credit and debit cards in addition to ACH
  • Flexible Technology: Web services integration between Tyler Technologies payment solutions and your originating applications
  • Simplified Billing Operations: Eliminate manual processing and improve collections through automated payments
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Simplified bill payment and ability to manage transactions online
A calendar with money signs written down to show how easy it is to schedule payments.