What we did

Expanding the Reach of Services

Leveraging the Self-Funded model, Tyler Technologies has partnered with the NDA to create and maintain 20 unique services across 16 years.

These services required little to no up front costs and include maintenance and security. How does that work? They capture a small convenience fee for online transactions, and fund additional services for the state with no cost to the tax payer or government agency.

Pesticide Dealer Renewal or Product Registration online application

It Started with Two Services

2000, 2 Unique services kick off the working collaboration. These are Food Establishment permit renewal and Dealer/Pesticide License Registration. Tyler Technologies and the Nebraska Department of Agriculture provide online access to the permitting process.

2010, 2 additional services are added, Measuring Device Registration and Renew a Pesticide Applicator License. Less paper and more online services means increased efficiency for the NDA.

2011, 1 additional unique service comes onboard to report three different commodities. This service allows for the online submission of reports and payment of fees owed for dry bean, corn-wheat-grain and imported eggs.


More than just Crops

2012, the collaboration continues with 2 more services allowing growers to report their crops and commodities swiftly and paying their fees required, online. Agriculture Monthly Reports which allows reports for Dairy, Egg, Turkey and Semi-Annual Reports for Grape/Wine, and Potato.

2013, the growth continues with the NDA partnership and Self-Funded Model. 3 more services are added to allow renewal of licenses and payment for fees including Feed, Fertilizer, Ag Lime, Liming Tonnage Report, Small Package Fees.

Monthly Commodity Reporting application
Nebraska Farmers Market and Produce Vendor Search

To Infinity and Beyond

2015, adds the NDA Farmers’ Market Nutritional Data Program database. Congressionally authorized programs that are administered by the NDA and the DHHS. This handbook sets forth the terms and conditions of the 2016 SFMNP and WIC FMNP.

More than just unique services we host 6 of the NDA websites also provided at no cost to the state also covered by the Self-Funded Model.

2016, 3 additional services come onboard: The Miik Act Renewal, Auction Market Inspections and Nursery License Fees.

Partnering with the NDA has benefited thousands of Nebraska farmers, ranchers and consumers. The Self-Funded model created the opportunity to expand the suite of NDA services at no cost to the tax payer and government agency.

NDA Infographic