What we did

Paving New Road with Online Services

Every year the DMV continues to maximize the Self-Funded model to expand their online services without spending a dime of their budget. Nor do they increase driver fees to pay for them. A productive partnership spanning 19 years, the DMV and Tyler Technologies have collaborated to create 29 active services and websites. These services provide the Nebraskan citizens the ability to perform a bevy of online services ranging from renewing a boat or vehicle to replacing a lost driver license.

In addition to these services, ongoing enhancements are developed to improve, or increase the range of the functionality of the application at no cost to the agency or citizen. That is the beauty of the Self-Funded model.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Search

Start Small then Grow

1997 The creation of the first 2 DMV services. The Title, Lien & Registration (TLR) Interactive and Special Request. The user can find motor vehicle records by title number, vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate number, individual or business name. Special requests and interactive searches can be made by both citizens and businesses alike.

1998 Nebraska.gov subscribers can obtain driver license records online with 3 new services! Find driving records by driver's license number, or driver name and date of birth. Records all protected by the Uniform Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act, and can only be accessed for an approved use. Security and privacy are paramount.


Beefing Up Our Game

1999-2008, 7 additional services come onboard including the widely used Motor Vehicle Registration Renewal System allowing citizens to purchase new tags for license plates required for car registration renewals.

2009-2012, 9 additional services added to the staggering suite of services available to citizens and businesses. Driver Licenses services, practice tests, title inquiry search, handicap permits, to name a few. Paper services come online to remove the need for data entry by hand and also free up the local DMV personnel in the branch offices.

ClickDMV Online Application
Vehicle Tax Estimator

Expanding and Thriving

2013-2016, 6 additional services are added as well as constant updates and maintenance. Driver License Record Admin. System, Commercial Driver License System to name a few. These add to the ever expanding suite of services. Hosting 2 websites for the DMV is also part of the services included with Tyler Technologies.

Partnering with the DMV has benefited Nebraska across the state. The Self-Funded model created the opportunity to expand the suite of services at no cost to the tax payer and government agency.

DMV Infographic