What we did

Bringing Justice to the 21st Century

Tyler Technologies and the AOC have worked diligently to find convenient online solutions for their users which has lead to a strong and prolific partnership.

In 2002 Tyler Technologies began a working partnership with the Nebraska Administrative Office of the Courts. In the past 14 years this partnership has grown organically to produce 25 services and websites with the goal to be completely paperless one day.

Nebraska Trial Courts Online Case Search

Where It All Began

2002, Court Case Search becomes the first project Tyler Technologies creates with the AOC. A small fee is captured for each transaction. The revenue from this application spawns the creation of 6 additional services in 2007 including the ability to pay traffic citations.


Breaking Demographic Constraints

2009, 3 more services come onboard one of which is Courts ePayments. Make payments on judgments or fees for civil, criminal, juvenile, traffic, probate, or small claims cases.  Also allows employers to pay garnishments.

2010, The collaboration continues with the creation of the Attorney Portal Website - online services for attorneys. We host this site in addition to 2 other websites for the AOC.

2011, Trial Court eFiling for filing in the state-wide trial courts system. Savings to the courts is recorded at $775,000. Other state and the federal courts recognize the value savings and ask for more information.

Monthly Commodity Reporting application
Nebraska Farmers Market and Produce Vendor Search

Growing Like Weeds

2012 1 more unique service, the Court Appointed Guardian/Conservator Search. Search court records for Juvenile and Probate cases where a guardian or conservator is involved.

2014 -2016, 5 additional services including Appellate Court Case Search. Search Appellate Court Case Searches, Courts Online Library of Appellate Opinions and more. The partnership between the AOC and NI shows no signs of slowing down.

Partnering with the AOC and the Self-Funded model, the suite of services expands at little to no cost to the tax payer and government agency.

AOC Infographic