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The JUSTICE court case search system provides access to criminal, civil, traffic, juvenile, and probate cases filed in all 93 of Nebraska's county and district courts.

There is a 24 hour lag-time between when a new case is entered into the system, and when it appears on the search. Juvenile adjudication under the Nebraska Juvenile Code is not a conviction and does not disqualify the juvenile from future civil or military service. See 43-280 Neb. Rev. Stat.

The JUSTICE system can provide you with all of the public information on up to 30 cases, as it's been entered by the court. This information includes:

  • Case Detail, such as the date and outcome of the trial, what the case was about, and who the judge was.
  • Party Listing, including the plaintiff and defendant, and often times their associated attorneys as well.
  • Court Cost Information, including all fees associated with the case.
  • Payments by and to the Court.
  • Register of Actions, so you can follow everything that's been done with the case up to, during, and after the case, should it have been recorded.

Important: Refer to the Installation Dates for each court to ensure the case information you are looking for will be available.

You will not be able to view court documents using this service. To view documents online you must be a subscriber.

Searches are performed using the name of a party involved in the case (who is not a witness). Other criteria can be selected to narrow your search. It is NOT recommended to narrow your search with other criteria, unless when searching by name only you receive a message that more than 30 matching cases were found. You will not be charged if more than 30 cases are found, but you will be required to perform your search again. Once your search has been completed you will have access to all the case details resulting from the search for a period of three (3) calendar days.

 This service is $15 per search. Searches with no results still require payment.