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Welcome to the Nebraska Judicial Branch Internet Payment System

Electronic payments processed through this site will be applied to the selected accounts immediately but will not be disbursed by the court for seven days. Transactions can only be processed by using a credit/debit card with a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card logo, or entering your bank account information (eCheck) as payment. Transactions will incur a minimum additional charge of $1.25 for each case or ticket/citation payment. Bond payments are not allowed online.

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Pay Ticket/Citation

No court appearance required. Pay your paper ticket or online citation now.

If you have lost your ticket, and do not know the citation number, you may use the let's chat option, or you can contact the court office of the County where you were issued the ticket. If you have a citation which indicates that a waiver is not allowed, and a court appearance is required, you should not pay any amount online prior to your court appearance.

Examples of traffic citations not requiring court appearances include:

  • speeding tickets
  • seat belt violations
  • no valid registration ticket
  • failure to stop at stop sign
  • similar offenses of a less serious nature

More serious violations that require court appearances include:

  • driving on a suspended license
  • driving while under the influence
  • driving an uninsured vehicle

You may make a payment on a criminal or traffic case to pay Fines/Fees ordered by a judge related to these offenses.

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ePayment Account

Register for an ePayment Account for making payments on multiple cases at once

ePayment Account allows you to create a profile, and save one or more case numbers in order to more easily return to make multiple payments. You can also set up payment reminder notifications via text message or email. For businesses making payments on large numbers of cases, multiple case numbers can be uploaded using a CSV file or individual cases may be manually entered. There is no fee to register for an ePayment Account.

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Case Payment

Make a one-time payment on a case you were involved in.

The Case Payment service is designed for payments required AFTER a case has been decided by a judge. You can use this service if:

  • You have appeared in court, and had your case decided.
  • You did not appear in court on the date of the hearing, and the case was decided without you being present.

To make a one-time payment on a case you must know the case number. If you don’t know your case number, you may use the let's chat option, or you can contact the District or County court in which the judgment was issued. Entering the case number will show you how much is due to the court. If you see the message ‘Payment cannot be paid online’, you may either have the wrong case number, or, you do not fit into one of the categories listed above, and you may need to use the service below for paying on a ticket.

If you have been issued a ticket (citation) and the box is checked indicating ‘Waiver Allowed’, you have the option to plead guilty and pay fines and court costs online without having to appear in court. If you wish to waive your right to contest your citation, please proceed to Pay Ticket/Citation.

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