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Corporate searches are provided online to obtain information on the status of corporations and other business entities registered in this state.

Special Requests for batch corporate records are also available for online ordering through Cost for record batches is $15/1000 records.

To check name availability, you must submit a written request to the Secretary of State's Office at P.O. Box 94608, Lincoln, NE 68509-4608. Or you can fax a written request to (402) 471-3666.

In the box below titled "Search for Corporation/Entity," select the type of search you would like to use. After you have selected the type of search, more fields will appear so you can continue your search. For more information about the search functions, check the information page.

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For help/information about corporation images, please view frequently asked questions.

If you cannot find the entity you are looking for, contact the Business Division at (402) 471-4079.
For technical difficulties/assistance please call 1-800-747-8177