Firm Renewal Application

Important Notes

  • Active or Inactive registrants, firms, and sole proprietors may complete license and registration renewals on-line. To renew online you must have:
  • your certificate number issued by the Board (not the Nebraska Society) or your Firm or Sole Proprietors (S.P.) ID
  • your password
  • your VISA or MasterCard credit card
  • Contact Information Changes may take 5 - 7 business days to reflect on the online system.


  • Items bordered in  red  are required
  • Items bordered in  blue  are optional
  • The first page includes disclosure questions regarding felonies, civil judgments, court orders, and lawsuits. If any disclosure questions are answered "yes", the online application will not allow you to continue. If not allowed to continue, you must complete a paper renewal application and attach the appropriate documentation. You will be asked to attest to the disclosure statements before continuing.
  • You must "log in" using your certificate number (or your Firm or S.P. ID) and password. Please keep your NBPA password information with your other passwords. You are able to use the same password for CPE online reporting throughout the year and for future renewals.
  • The online application should pre-populate with your most recent information provided to the Board. Enter in any changed contact information to keep our records current and complete. The address you provide will be the address where Board information will be sent. Please be aware that according to Title 288 Rules Chapter 5 007.06 Each certificate holder shall notify the Board in writing (or via the Board's website) within thirty (30) days of any address change or change of employment.
  • Follow the web links or Menu Options area at the bottom of your screen to navigate


  • Instructions on Application Completion
  • If you want a copy of the application, you may print a review page at the end of the process. You do not need to print each page as you go. At the end of the application is a "print receipt" button which allows you to print the credit card receipt for your records and the entire application.
  • Once you have entered your credit card information, you must click on the "submit" button for the transaction to be complete. The credit card system is operated by - NOT the Board of Public Accountancy - and is a secure website. No credit card information is retained by the Board or