Nebraska Supreme Court

Q: How do I sign up for eFiling?

A: If you are already a subscriber, complete the Court E-Filing Request and return the form via fax to

If you are not a Subscriber, Complete a Subscription Services Agreement  and Court E-Filing Request. Return the form via fax to  

For additional information about a subscription, check out the Subscriber Portal.


Q: What if my document is not eligible for electronic filing?

A:  You may file the document by paper (via US Postal Service) or file in person at the court. To discuss other options, please contact the court in which you are filing the document.


Q: What if I have questions about how to file my document?

A:  If you have a technical question about navigating the eFile website, please contact directly. If you have a question specific to the document and what filing options to choose on the website, please contact the county or district court in which you are filing.

** is the technical provider of the eFile service. cannot, in any way, advise how to file your legal documents**


Q: ACH information is required to eFile, how will this affect billing for other services that I use, such as Justice case searches?

A: When you become an eFiler, your account is set up for direct debit in order to provide filing fees to the courts in a timely manner. Any fees that are associated with particular filings will be debited from your bank account at the time the filing is accepted by the court. If you are a current subscriber, these fees will not be included on your invoice.  Your billing will also become direct debit from the same bank account.  Your regular monthly transactions will be invoiced as usual to you via email and will be debited from your bank account on the 10th of each month.


Q: Is my bank account information safe?

A: Yes, Nebraska Interactive, DBA is fully PCI/DSS compliant. All account information managed in our customer database is encrypted, and held on our secure servers.


Q: Will I receive an invoice showing all filing fees paid monthly?

A: No. Although your account is used for transactions other than eFiling, filing fees are transferred directly to the court at the time the filing is accepted by the court.  As charges no fees to eFile, these transactions do not appear on your invoice.


Q: How can I track filing fees debited from my account and transferred to the court?

A:Any user on your account can login to view eFiling transaction history and search by date to get reports on what actions have been filed, and what fees have been paid. 


Q: Can we have one user name and password issued and shared by all members of a firm?

A: No. Usernames and passwords are correlated with individual attorney names and bar numbers. The login ID used in eFiling a new case will become the attorney of record for the case in Justice. (Subsequent filing logins have no effect on the attorney of record for the case.) You should not file for multiple attorneys under the same login.


Q: What if I currently do not have the ability to convert a Word document to PDF?

A: There are many free software applications available for download on the Internet. Installing and using a PDF converter takes only minutes.


Q: Can I eFile actions on cases that were not originally filed electronically?

A: Yes.


Q: When is my filing available through the Justice case search?

A: Once filings are accepted by the clerk, the images are available the same business day.