Covered Farm Vehicle

The undersigned designates the following vehicle as a "covered farm vehicle", as defined in Section 32934 of Pub. L. 112-141, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) and 49 CFR 390.5.



Authorized Driver(s)

This designation is effective only when the vehicle is being operated within the scope of Section 32934 of Pub. L. 112-141 and 49 CFR 390.5. This designation and a copy of the vehicle title must be carried in the power unit of the vehicle during all covered operations. Before operating in states other than Nebraska, consult those states to determine whether they will recognize the covered farm vehicle exemptions.
Covered farm vehicles and drivers are exempt from federal regulations regarding:
  • Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing (49 CFR Part 382)
  • Commercial Drivers License Standards; Requirements and Penalties (49 CFR Part 383)
  • Physical Qualifications and Examinations (49 CFR Part 391, Subpart E)
  • Hours of Service regulations (49 CFR Part 395)
  • Inspection, Repair and Maintenance regulations (49 CFR Part 396)
Covered farm vehicles and drivers must comply with federal regulations and state laws regarding:
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations; General (49 CFR Part 390)
  • Driving of Commercial Motor Vehicles (49 CFR Part 392)
  • Parts and Accessories Necessary for Safe Operation (49 CFR Part 393)
  • All state motor vehicle size and weight, safety and operation laws.
A covered farm vehicle is a commercial motor vehicle that:
  1. Is operated by a farm or ranch owner or operator, or an employee or family member of the farm or ranch owner or operator;
  2. Is being used to transport to or from a farm or ranch:
    1. Agricultural commodities
    2. Livestock
    3. Machinery or supplies;
  3. Displays a special license plate or other designation which helps enforcement personnel identify it as a covered farm vehicle; and
  4. Has a gross vehicle weight of:
    1. 26,001 pounds or less and is traveling anywhere in the United States; or
    2. is greater than 26,001 pounds and traveling anywhere within the State in which it is registered; or
    3. when crossing state lines, is greater than 26,001 pounds and operated within 150 air miles of the farm or ranch.
A covered farm vehicle does not include a vehicle that is operated by a for-hire carrier or a vehicle transporting hazardous materials in a quantity that requires the vehicle to display placards.