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Parenting Act Mediator Approval and Reporting Portal

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All mediators mediating under the Parenting Act are governed by the Act and related statutes, as well as guided by the Nebraska Standards and Ethics for Parenting Act Mediators . In addition, mediators who wish to be eligible for appointment by Nebraska's trial court judges to mediate Parenting Act cases must be approved by the Office of Dispute Resolution as a "Parenting Act mediator." The Policy for Approval of Parenting Act Mediators describes the approval process, mediator training and educational requirements, and mediator status and grievance process.

For first time applicants, this portal will direct you to the step by step application for approval. Please fill out the application in its entirety and follow the online instructions regarding apprenticeship documentation/waiver upon submitting the application.

For approved Parenting Act mediators, this portal will allow you to report CMEs and biennial reports. Approved Parenting Act mediators should also use this portal to update contact information to ensure correspondence from the Office of Dispute Resolution is being received.