Waiverable Citation

Frequently Asked Questions List

Q. Do I have to pay court cost when I'm pleading guilty by waiver and NOT going to court?
A. Yes.

Q. Should I get legal advice before paying this citation?
A. Nebraska rules prohibit judges and court staff from giving legal advice. If you need legal help, look in the yellow pages of the phone book to locate an attorney.

Q. Do I have to pay the amount due prior to the court date listed on the citation?
A. If you don't, additional fees could be assessed, your operator's license could be subject to suspension and/or a warrant could be issued for you arrest.

Q. Can I pay my citation on line if I've already pleaded not guilty and have a trial date set?
A. No, once you have made an apperance in court, you must re-appear in court for any further activity with the case.

Q. Is there a fee for paying my citation on-line?
A. There's a $2.25 convenience fee per ticket.

Q. Can I make partial payments?
A. Not on-line. This requires a time payment agreement to be signed between you and the court.