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Public Hearing Department of Health & Human Services : LEGAL SERVICES

Date of Activity
Monday, 08/03/2020
Time of Activity
10:00 AM
State Office Building, Lower Level Conf. Room A 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, NE
  Location accessible to handicapped
The purpose of this hearing is to receive comments on the adoption of Title 395, Chapter 6 of the Nebraska Administrative Code (NAC) – Assessment of Abuse and Neglect Reports. The adoption of this new regulation chapter will outline the Department of Health and Human Services responsibilities as required by Neb. Rev. Stat. § 28-713. The proposed adoption of this regulation will govern the Department’s requirements to conduct an in-person investigation for all suspected victims of trafficking or minors that may be at high risk of becoming a victim of trafficking. The proposed new regulation also addresses the process for the investigation, screening, and assessment of reports of child abuse and neglect along with the criteria for opening an ongoing case upon allegations of sex or labor trafficking of a minor. Additionally, the proposed regulation will permit the Department to utilize a standardized assessment in determining whether the minor is a victim of abuse or neglect or at risk of future maltreatment, and also provides criteria for when deciding to open an ongoing case.
Marge Respeliers Paralegal I
DHHS Legal Services
Health & Human Services System
(402) 471-8417
(402) 742-2382
(402) 471-9570

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