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Public Hearing Department of Health & Human Services : LEGAL SERVICES

Date of Activity
Tuesday, 02/18/2020
Time of Activity
10:00 AM
State Office Building, Lower Level Conf. Room B 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, NE
  Location accessible to handicapped
The purpose of this hearing is to receive additional comments on adoption of amendments to and repeal of the following regulations: 185 Nebraska Administrative Code (NAC) 1-11 Statewide Trauma System. The regulations establish and maintain processes and standards for hospitals, specialty burn facilities, pediatric centers, and rehabilitation facilities to be designated as trauma centers. The following regulations is proposed for AMENDMENT: 185 NAC 1 Scope and Authority The proposed changes to the regulation will: consolidate the regulations into one chapter; remove any statutory language from the regulations; provide a process for rehabilitation and burn facilities to apply for designation; set out facility designation expiration; set out the composition of designation review teams; update Trauma Registry requirements; update trauma center criteria; provide board certified emergency physicians are not required to obtain continuing medical education for the purpose of meeting the physician requirements for the trauma center. The following regulations are proposed for REPEAL in their entirety. The relevant portions of the following chapters are being included in the proposed amendments to Chapter 1. 185 NAC 2 Definitions 185 NAC 3 Communications 185 NAC 4 Transportation 185 NAC 5 Designation of Trauma Centers 185 NAC 6 Standards for Designation of Trauma Centers 185 NAC 7 Standards for Designation of Specialty Level Trauma Centers 185 NAC 8 Standards for Designation of Rehabilitation Centers 185 NAC 9 Trauma Registry 185 NAC 10 Performance Improvement 185 NAC 11 Trauma Regions
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DHHS Legal Services
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