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Organization Department of Health & Human Services
Activity Public Hearing
Date of Activity Tuesday, 04/25/2017
Time of Activity Meeting starts at 2:30 PM Central
Last Updated Thursday, 03/23/2017
Location NE State Office Bldg, 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, NE -Conf Rm - LLC

Location accessible to handicapped
Details The purpose of this hearing is to receive additional comments on proposed changes to Nebraska Administrative Code Title 477, Medicaid Eligibility. The purpose of the revisions to the regulations is to provide clarification, logical organization, consistency, and updated material per legislative bills, state plan amendments, and appeals to the Medicaid eligibility policy rules. The changes impact Medicaid eligibility policy staff, Medicaid clients, and Medicaid stakeholders. The revised regulations have been restructured and are now up-to-date and include grammar and word choice edits to enhance ease of readability for Department Staff, other state agencies, political subdivisions, Medicaid applicants and clients, and community stakeholders.
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Meeting Materials
Person to Contact for Additional Information:
Name Jaime Hegr
Title Attorney III
Address DHHS Legal Services
Health & Human Services System
Telephone (402) 471-4731
Fax (402) 742-2382
Telecommunications Number for the Deaf (402) 471-9570
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