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BillTracker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This list of questions and answers (FAQs) is intended to guide you in the use of BillTracker, a service of in cooperation with the Nebraska Legislature.

  1. What is BillTracker?

    BillTracker is a service of in cooperation with the Nebraska Legislature. The service allows you to electronically track activities of the Legislature.
  2. Who or what is is the State of Nebraska's Official Web Portal at It has been in operation since 1995 and provides one-stop access to government information and services. is operated by Nebraska Interactive, LLC under contract with the Nebraska State Records Board.
  3. Where does the information available through BillTracker come from?

    BillTracker utilizes information provided directly by the Nebraska Legislature. The information is updated daily during early morning hours, following completion of daily updates by legislative staff.
  4. Is the information different from what is available on the Legislature's Website?

    No, it is the same information. BillTracker simply provides enhanced tools for you to organize and receive email updates using the same information available through the Legislature's web site.
  5. What is an eBill Book?

    An eBill Book allows you to designate up to 15 bills that can be tracked electronically. The eBill Book also includes email notification so, if you choose, you can receive daily email notification of any activity concerning the bills in your eBill Book. Click here for instructions on using eBill Books.
  6. What if I want to stop tracking a particular bill?

    You can edit the information in your eBill Book to add bills (up to 15), change bill numbers or delete bills from your eBill Book.
  7. Does it cost anything to use an eBill Book?

    No, eBill Books may be used by anyone at no charge. However, you must first register with an email address and a password that you specify. Your email address and password will be kept confidential and will not be used for any purpose other than for providing access to your eBill Book. This step is necessary to store your eBill Book information for use at a later time.
  8. What is an eProfile?

    An eProfile (BillTracker Premium Services) allows you to customize BillTracker by specifying sponsors, committees, key words, statute sections or bill numbers that you wish to track. This is convenient if you have multiple clients or subjects of interest. BillTracker automatically scans legislative information and notifies you of bills or amendments that match your eProfile.
  9. How many eProfiles can I set up?

    Depending on the service level you sign up for, you may set up any number of profiles to track different subjects or groupings of bills. There is a cost for BillTracker Premium Services, based on the number of eProfiles you want to set up:
    1-3 eProfiles $50 per calendar year
    (includes regular and special legislative sessions)
    4-10 eProfiles $100 per calendar year
    11-20 eProfiles $250 per calendar year
    21+ eProfiles $500 per calendar year
    Click this link to download the service agreement and instructions for signing up.
  10. What happens if I need more eProfiles than signed up for?

    Simply contact at 402-471-7815 to upgrade your account. You will be charged the difference between the cost of your new service level and the level you signed up for.
  11. When I click on the icon to get details on a bill, why doesn't it display?

    Bill details involve opening a new browser screen (a "pop-up") with information directly from the Legislature's Web site. If you have pop-up blocker installed, it may prevent the new browser screen from opening. Simply hold down the "Control" key (Ctrl usually located on the bottom row of your keyboard) while you click the link and the new browser screen should open.
  12. What do I do if I've lost my username and/or password?

    If you have forgotten your BillTracker Premium Service username and/or password you will need to send a fax to (402-471-7817) on letterhead and provide the following information:

    Username or email address
    Phone number
    Statement of authorization to release their password over the phone.