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Audit (Actual) Data Query

Provides actual financial data for fiscal year 2000 through present for all Nebraska political subdivisions required to file an audit or waiver with our office. Results will indicate if information is from an Audit (performed by a CPA) or a Waiver (contains non-audited self-reported numbers). If an electronic PDF version is available, a link will be provided. Beginning with fiscal year 2012 filings, a PDF will be provided for all filings. The breakdown of numbers, beginning with fiscal year 2012 filings, will no longer be provided. Also, filings for the past five years are always available for public inspection in our office.

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Any questions concerning this information contact Mark Avery, Assistant Deputy Auditor ( or Dakota Christensen, Audit Manager ( at 402-471-2111.


This financial information has been summarized from audit reports and waiver forms received by the Auditor of Public Accounts. A waiver is the annual financial information filed with our office in lieu of an audit report.

The information shown in the database does not include the Notes to the Financial Statements, Supplementary Schedules, and the Independent Auditor's Opinion. These components of the report are vital parts to understanding the financial position and activity of the political subdivision as a whole. Complete audit reports are filed and available for public review at the Auditor of Public Accounts office.