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Information current as of 07 / 28 / 2016 07:31:25 Central Time

Not all elements are required to perform a search.

To begin your search, please select a search type from the options below:


If your search is too broad, you will be prompted to enter more specific information.

You may search for partial individual names or entity names by using the asterisk '*' character. For example, searching for first name 'Jo*' and last name 'Smith' would match anyone with a first name that starts with Jo (John, Joseph, Joe, Joan) and a last name of Smith. Searches for a business or a facility may need the asterisk '*' character at the beginning and end of a word you know is in the name of the business or facility or in the owner name. For example, search for '*Elizabeth*' would match any business or facility that includes Elizabeth in the name or owner, such as St. Elizabeth's Regional Medical center.

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Individual - includes nurses, nurse aides, medication aides, physicians, dentists, etc.

Business/Service - includes cosmetology salons, early childhood programs, emergency medical services, funeral establishments, community pharmacies, etc.

Facility/Service - includes assisted-living facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.