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DEMO Page 2 - Appellate Case Number Search Instructions

The Appellate Case Number search allows users to search by an appellate case number to retrieve case details including status and documents filed.

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This website is a demonstration only, completing the following form will not process your request.

The SCCALES (Appellate Court) case search system provides access to cases filed in Nebraska's Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

Filed document images are available to view or download in PDF format however, images may not be available for documents filed prior to September 26, 2011. Confidential or restricted documents must be obtained from the office of the Clerk of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals with a completed Request for Confidential Record form.

Please select Appellate Case Number Search or Trial Case Number Search.

You must know the Appellate Case Number to use this search. If you know the trial case number, you may use the Trial Case Number Search. To find a trial case number, you may use the JUSTICE Search and search by name.
You must know the Trial Case Number to use this search, including the court: county (C) or district (D), the county where the case was filed and the case type: Civil (CI), Criminal (CR), Juvenile (JV), Probate (PR), Small Claims (SC) or Traffic (TR). After entering the trial court information, a list of case captions in the appellate court system will appear. Note: there may be more than one appellate court case number associated with the case. The list will identify cases on the docket. To find a trial case number, you may use the JUSTICE Search and search by name.

Appellate Case Search

Appellate Case number search will display the full case details including status, documents filed, etc. A $1.00 charge will be placed on your account for each search.

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