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How to Use the BillTracker eBill Book
Step 1   Create an Account.

Create an eBill Book account by providing your e-mail address and selecting a password on the registration form. You will be notified by e-mail when your account can be activated.
Step 2   Log In.

Log in to your eBill Book account using your e-mail address and password.
Step 3   Add Legislative Bills.

You may add up to 15 bills (by LB or LR number) to your eBill Book.
  • Click on the '+' sign in any blank field to open the "Add a Bill to Track" page. Select "LB" for a Legislative Bill or "LR" for a Legislative Resolution.
  • Type in the LB or LR number.
  • If required, select a suffix (default is "none", select "A" for an appropriations bill (always associated with LB) or "CA" for a constitutional amendment (always associated with LR)
  • Click "Save" and the bill will be added to your eBill Book.

Step 4   Edit Legislative Bills.

You may make changes to bills in your eBill Book by clicking the 'E' next to any bill. The "Edit a Bill to Track" screen will appear. Make any necessary changes, click "Save" and your edit will be complete.
Step 5   Delete Legislative Bills.

You may delete any bill from your eBill Book simply by clicking the 'X' next to the bill number. You may then add another bill in its place.
Step 6   View Bill Information.

To view a menu of legislative documents associated with any bill in your eBill Book, simply click on the 'i' next to the bill number. A page will open with links to copies of the legislation, amendments, committee action and more.
Step 7   E-Mail Notification.

The BillTracker system automatically scans up to date legislative information on a daily basis and automatically notifies you by e-mail if there are any status changes with any bill in your eBill Book. You may turn e-mail notification on and of from your eBill Book.