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About BillTracker
BillTracker is a cooperative service by and the Nebraska Legislature. is the state of Nebraska's Official Web Portal, operated under the direction and oversight of the Nebraska State Records Board (NSRB). BillTracker provides enhanced capabilities for Nebraska citizens to track progress on legislation at no charge (eBill Book), and premium enhancements (eProfiles) for a fee approved by the NSRB. Proceeds from the fees are used to support and maintain the system.
For no charge, a user may track up to 15 legislative bills by identifying the bill number(s) in their eBill Book. The user will receive an email notification whenever there is legislative activity on any of the bills in their eBill Book.
An eProfile allows the user to specify certain criteria for monitoring legislative activities such as bills, amendments, and actions. The user may specify keywords or selected senators or committees to monitor. Pricing for the premium enhancements is based on the number of "eProfiles" established by the user:

1 - 3 eProfiles $50/year (includes the regular legislative session and any special sessions that may be called)
4 - 10 eProfiles $100/year
11 - 20 eProfiles $250/year
21 or More eProfiles $500/year
To sign up for BillTracker premium enhancements, an agreement must be executed with Click here to download the agreement form, which must be completed, signed and delivered to along with your payment by check or credit card. Once payment has been processed, an account will be set up for you. A username and password will be assigned, and a user manual provided so you may begin using the service.
Click here if you would like to browse a demo version of the BillTracker premium enhancements. If you have questions about the system, please contact our help center at:

Phone: (402) 471-7810 or 800-747-8177
Fax: (402) 471-7817