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Welcome to the Nebraska One-Stop Business - Registration Information System

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The One-Stop Registration Information System has been established to help in navigating the process of setting up a new business.

This system is designed to help create your business entity by:

It is recommended that you research your business before beginning this questionnaire, however, there are links provided next to questions within the application that you may also find helpful when deciding how to answer.

At the end of the business questionnaire a customized checklist will be created for you to track your progress through your business' creation.

This checklist is not intended to be a complete and comprehensive list of all forms necessary to operate your business, but instead will provide you with the foundation from which to build.

You may wish to consult an attorney or a certified public accountant.

Choose to begin using the One-Stop Business Registration Information System by selecting a path to start:

Are you interested in forming a new, for-profit Nebraska business?

Do you already have an established business elsewhere and want to transact business in the State of Nebraska?

The One-Stop Business Registration Information System is designed for for-profit businesses, however if you are looking for information on non-profit creation, some help is provided below.

If your non-profit will have employees, information regarding workers' compensation can be found here.

Starting a Non-profit and unsure of what kind of entity you wish to form?

Wanting to incorporate your non-profit business?