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Licensee and Applicant Information Search

The "Licensee and Applicant Information Search" is a database of licensees and applicants that can be searched by entering criteria in at least two fields listed below. If you know the name of a licensee you would like to lookup, simply type in the last name and at least one additional criteria; state for example, and click on the "Search" button. If you would like a list of all Applicants, go to the "License Status" field and from the drop-down menu choose the "Pending Licensure" status and at least one additional criteria; city for example. And click on the "Search" button. If you would like to narrow your search, enter data in multiple fields, for example: If you want to know all the Active Salespersons in Lancaster County, you would enter "Lancaster" in the "County" field; select "Active" from the "License Status" drop down menu; and select "Salesperson" from the "Profession" drop down menu.

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