(name of developer)

(street number)                                               (city)                                   (state)               (zip)

a developer as defined by Sections 76-1702(3) of the Nebraska Time-Share Act of 1980, hereby designates

(name of broker)                                    (street number)                     (city)                 (state)           (zip)

a duly licensed Nebraska Real Estate Broker residing in the State of Nebraska, as (one of) the said

developer's representing broker(s), responsible for the developer's action in the State of Nebraska.

The said developer certifies that, all advertising used by the developer in the State of Nebraska in

promoting the sale of the time-share intervals will contain the name and address of the designated

Nebraska Real Estate Broker or Brokers representing the developer in the State of Nebraska.
Submission of this Time-Share Developer's Designation of Representing Broker form verifies that all statements and information provided herein are true and correct and may be used as necessary by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission if furtherance of assuring compliance with the laws it regulates.
  (Name of Developer or Authorized Representative)