The undersigned officer of certifies that
                                                                  Name of Corporation
the following resolution was duly adopted by the Board of directors of the corporation on
and is in full force and effect:

                RESOLVED, that so long as s/he is associated with
                                                             Name of Broker

this company as the licensed real estate broker responsible for conducting the real estate 

brokerage activities of this company, s/he shall have full authority to carry out or perform 

all real estate transactions on behalf of the company for which a real estate broker's license is 

required and s/he shall not be subject to the direction of any officer in carrying out or

performing such transactions, and that this resolution may be rescinded or amended only 

upon notice to the Nebraska Real Estate Commission.


Submission of this Corporation Subordination Resolution verifies that all statements and information provided herein are true and correct and may be used as necessary by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission if furtherance of assuring compliance with the laws it regulates.



                                                                              Authorized Representative's Name

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