Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission

Committee Financial Summary Schedule A Schedule B Schedule C Schedule D
SCHEDULE D - Section 1: Expenditures of Over $250 this Period*
List all payees who were paid more than $250 during this reporting period. If multiple payments to the same payee totaled more than $250 throughout this reporting period, those expenditures must be listed. Reporting period refers to your entry on Page 1 under Item 4. Expenditures to the same payee over separate reporting periods should not be accumulated. Expenditures to the same payee must be listed under the same name. If the committee reimburses the candidate or engages in the services of an advertising agency or another agent of the committee for expenses they incurred on behalf of the committee, list the payments the committee made to the candidate or agent and also list the payments which were made by the candidate or agent on behalf of the committee. (E.g., If the candidate makes payments to a newspaper for advertising and is reimbursed by the committee, report the payments made to the candidate but also list the payments made by the candidate to the newspaper. Include the name of the newspaper, and the date of each of the expenditures by the candidate and list the amounts only in the purpose box along with the descriptions of the expenditures.)
Name, Street Address, City and State
of Each Payee to Whom Expenditures
of more than $250 Were Made During the Reporting Period
Purpose of Each
(Include a Brief Description)
Date of Each
This Reporting
Amount of
This Reporting
Amount of In-Kind
This Reporting
Total Cash
and In-Kind
Expenditures This
Reporting Period
      A         +           B           =           C          
SCHEDULE D - Section 2: Unpaid Bills and Other Accrued Expenses
List all unpaid bills, accounts payable and other payments owed by the committee, i.e., accrued expenses for goods, materials, services or facilities received, for which payment has not been made as of the closing date of this statement. Include any amounts owed to the candidate if the candidate intends to seek reimbursement from the committee. If the exact amount of an unpaid bill is unknown, report a reasonable estimate of the amount owed. Loans are not to be reported in this Schedule. Loans are reportable in Section 1 of Schedule C.
Date of
Billing or
Account Incurred
Name and Street Address or
Rural Route of Creditor
Description of Goods,
Services or Facilities Received
Total of Itemized Unpaid Bills and Other Accrued Expenses    
$ 0.00
Total of Unpaid Bills and Other Accrued Expenses of $250 or Less    
$ 0.00
Total of All Unpaid Bills and Other Accrued Expenses    
$ 0.00

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