Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission

Committee Financial Summary Schedule A Schedule B Schedule C Schedule D
SCHEDULE C - Section 1: Schedule of Loans
All loans the committee received or made must be listed. List the full name and address of each lender, guarantor and co-signer of loans over $250. List the full name and address of any third party making payments totaling more than $250 on a loan. Interest paid by the committee should not be reported on this Schedule but in the Summary of Expenditures and if more than $250, on Schedule D, Section 1. Campaign purchases made by the candidate and others who will be reimbursed are not loans and should be listed on Schedule D Section 2.
Section 1: Funds Borrowed
Name and Street Address or Rural Route of Lender
and any Guarantors and Co-Signers
Date Unpaid
From Prior
This Period
This Period
This Period
Paid by
Third Party
This Period
    A         +         B           -         C           -         D           -         E           =         F          
1.   Unpaid Balance from Last Report $ 0.00            
2.   Loans Received (To Summary of Receipts, Line 3) $ 0.00          
3.   Loans Repaid (To Summary of Receipts, Line 5) $ 0.00        
4.   Amount Forgiven (To Summary of Receipts, Line 12) $ 0.00      
5.   Amount Paid by Third Party (To Summary of Receipts, Line 11) $ 0.00    
6.   Unpaid Balance $ 0.00  
REMINDER: There are limits on the amount of loans which candidate committees may accept.
SCHEDULE C - Section 2: Miscellaneous Transactions
List all transactions not otherwise reported on Schedules A, B, or D. Include funds transferred back to the official committee depository from savings or investment accounts. Also include funds received from the sale of equipment or other assets of the committee.
Date Amount Nature
(See Key)
No Miscellaneous Transactions
KEY: A - Adjustments to Cash Balance     B - Anonymous Contributions*     C - Other

*Note: Anonymous contributions are those contributions from donors of unknown identity. Contributions of $50 or less received as a result of fund raising events or from sale of political merchandise are not considered anonymous contributions.

No committee, or other person, shall accept or expend an anonymous contribution. If any anonymous contribution is received, it shall not knowingly be deposited but shall be given to a tax exempt organization. The charitable organization receiving the contribution shall provide the person with a receipt. (Attach receipt.)


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