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Q: How do I get access to eFile?

Become a subscriber by registering online, be sure to select Court Document eFiling as an additional service. For assistance in becoming a subscriber, you may email or phone 800-747-8177.

Q: What if I am already a Subscriber, what would I need to do so that I may eFile?

Complete the Court eFiling Request form and return via fax to

Q: What if I am already a Subscriber and am registered to file in the Trial courts, how do I get access to eFile in the Workers’ Compensation Court?

No additional action is required. The same username and password works for both Trial Courts and the Workers' Compensation Court.

Q: Can our firm have one user name and password issued and shared by all members?

No. Usernames and passwords are unique and associated with an individual attorney name and bar number.

Q: Must all attorneys be registered to eFile?

Yes, pursuant to Rule 2(D)(2)(e), any attorney licensed in Nebraska and practicing in the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court must be registered for eFiling. However, it is not required that attorneys eFile all pleadings, only that the attorney is registered to eFile.


Q: Can I use scanned PDFs for pleadings?

No. Pleadings must be in text-based (searchable) PDF files. For signature and notary requirements on text-based PDFs, see Rule 2(D)(6). If you do not have the ability to convert a Word document to PDF there are many free software applications available for download on the Internet. Installing and using a PDF converter takes only minutes.

Q: Can I use scanned PDFs for proposed orders?

No. Proposed orders must be in Microsoft Word (*.doc or *.docx) or Rich Text Format (*.rtf) files. Proposed orders must be uploaded separate from the motion or application for lump sum settlement.

Q: Can I use scanned PDFs for attachments to pleadings?

Yes. Attachments to pleadings are not required to be text-based. Attachments can be uploaded all as one PDF.

Q: What is the difference between scanned and text-based PDFs?
Q: How do I save documents as text-based PDFs?

Microsoft Word (Without PDF Add-In Installed)

Microsoft Word (With PDF Add-In Installed)

NOTE: If you want to make changes to a PDF after it has been created, return to the original Microsoft Word file to make and save the changes, then create another PDF document as described above.

General Docket Information

Q: What if the party description displayed on an existing docket is incorrect?

Contact the Clerk’s office at 800-599-5155.

Q: When filing on an existing case, only one date of injury, out of multiple, displays. How can I resolve this?

Only one date of injury will display regardless of how many dates of injury are accurately associated with the case. For more information or to verify dates of injury, contact the Clerk’s office at 800-599-5155.

Q: What if the case caption displayed on an existing docket is incorrect?

Contact the Clerk’s office at 800-599-5155.

Q: I am filing a document on behalf of more than one party, however the system only allows one party to be selected, what should I do?

Add a note in the Comments to Clerk section on the Review page. The Clerk will manage the request.

Q: Why is my client's personal identifying information required through the eFiling system?

It is for the court’s records and use only. This is kept secure and confidential.

Q: What if a person's social security number is unknown?

Enter the number nine (9) for the social security number, e.g. 999-99-9999

Q: What if I'm filing an amended or reopened petition that changes and/or adds dates of injuries?

At this time, you cannot change or add dates of injury through the eFiling system. You may add a note in the Comments to the Clerk section on the Review page. The clerk will make the necessary changes when processing the pleading.

Q: What if I’m filing an amended or reopened petition that changes and/or adds parties?

At this time, you cannot change party information through the eFiling system. You may add a note in the Comments to the Clerk section on the Review page. New parties may be added.

Q: Can I file pleadings in bulk or in an automated method?

No. Bulk Filing in the Workers’ Compensation Court is not available. However, multiple documents may be filed on a docket (or multiple dockets if the dockets are consolidated) at one time.

Q: What document type do I choose when I need to file a joint stipulation (stipulated motion)?

Select "motion" and then the corresponding motion type. (i.e. continuance, compel, dismiss, etc.)

Q: How do I avoid the file stamp being applied over the contents of the first page of an attachment?

We recommend creating a cover page for your attachment, which would receive the file stamp. The cover page should include the docket number and case caption at a minimum.

Filing Submissions

Q: What date will be considered the file date when a document is eFiled?

The filing deadline for any document filed electronically is 11:59:59 p.m. Central Time. A document is submitted for filing when the eFiling system receives the document and displays a confirmation receipt to the filer. The confirmation receipt will include the date and time, also to be included in the stamped copies. See Rule 2(D)(5). Although it will not affect your filing date, documents may not be accepted or declined by the Clerk’s Office on the same day they are submitted to the eFiling system depending on the workload of the office on that day

Q: Will an attorney be able to recall a document that was filed by mistake?

No. The attorney will need to immediately contact the Clerk’s Office at 800-599-5155, to have the filing declined or have the document deleted from the filing, when possible.

Q: Am I able to view stamped copies of the documents filed?

When a document is accepted by the Clerk’s Office, an email is sent to the email addresses on file for the user. A link to the stamped image is included in this email. The stamped image will be available to the filer only through this link for 30 days from the date of acceptance. After 30 days, please contact the Clerk’s office at 800-599-5155 for stamped copies of documents.

Q: If the Clerk’s Office declines a filing, how will I be notified and will I know why?

You will receive an email once the fling has been declined by the Clerk’s Office. The email will include comments from the Clerk. The Clerk's comments are also available in eFiling on the Attorney dashboard, under the Processed tab. If you need more information about the reason for the decline, contact the Clerk’s Office at 800-599-5155.

Q: Can I have more than one e-mail address on my eFiling account?

More than one email address may be associated with your account for eFiling notifications. Notifications are emails sent once filings have been accepted or declined by the Court.

Q: How do I update and manage my email addresses for eFiling?

Email addresses must be managed in eFiling, on the eMail Contact profile page. Changes made will also update the Trial Court eFiling email addresses.

Q: Will I receive eService on dockets where opposing counsel has filed and it has been accepted by the Court?

Yes, eService will be provided to the email address designated for eService in your attorney profile. See Rule 2(D)(5) for further guidance on eService.

Q: How should I set the margins on my document so that the filed/received stamp will apply correctly?

Top margins should be set at a minimum of 1.25 inches to provide adequate space for the filed/received stamp to be applied.

ACH Transactions

Q: ACH information is required to eFile; how will this affect billing for other services that I use, such as JUSTICE case searches?

When you eFile, your account will be billed at the time the filing is accepted. These fees will be included on your invoice. Your billing will be direct debit from the bank account associated to your account. All other monthly transactions will also be invoiced. The debit from your bank account for the total monthly billing will occur on the 10th of each month.

Q: Is my bank account information safe?

Yes, Nebraska Interactive, DBA is fully PCI/DDS compliant. All account information managed in the customer database is encrypted and held on our secure servers.

Q: Will I receive an invoice showing all filing fees paid monthly?

Yes, your account is used for transactions other than eFiling and are included in a monthly invoice.

Q: How can I track filing fees debited from my account and transferred to the court?

Any user on your account may login to view eFiling transaction history and search by date range to view reports on what filings have been accepted by the court, and what fees have been paid.

Technical Support

Q: What if I have questions about how to file my document?

For Technical support, you may contact, either by email at or by phone at 800-747-8177.

Common topics we can help with:

Please note: Technical Support is not staffed by court employees. cannot, in any way, advise how to file your legal documents.

If you have court-specific requests, please contact the court directly at 800-599-5155 or email.