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Q: What is the difference between the subscriber service and the non-subscriber service?

A: The non-subscriber service requires credit card payment and will only allow you to submit one filing document at a time; there is no user name and password required to file. To use the subscriber service, you must have an account set up with, and you must provide a bank account and routing number for the filing fee transfer to the office of the Secretary of State. The subscriber service will allow you to submit more than one filing at a time, and the filing submission cost is discounted. Both services will display your filing fees through before you finalize your submission.

Q: Will I be charged if my filing is declined?

A: No however, some credit card companies may put a hold on your account. You may want to contact them to see how this is handled.

Q: If I choose to use the subscriber service and provide with my banking information for ACH transfer of filing fees, how will this affect billing for other services that I use, such as corporate searches?

A: When you elect to use the eDelivery subscriber service, your account is set up for direct debit in order to provide filing fees to the Secretary of State at the time of filing as is statutorily required. Your billing will also become direct debit, however, you will continue to be charged for your other services on a monthly basis.

Q: Is my bank account information safe?

A: Yes, Nebraska Interactive, DBA is fully PCI/DSS compliant. All account information managed in our customer database is encrypted, and held on our secure servers.

Q: Will I receive an invoice showing all filing fees paid monthly?

A: No. Although your account is used, filing fees are transferred directly to the Secretary of State, and as you are not charged for the service, these transactions do not appear on your invoice.

Q: How can I track filing fees debited from my account?

A: Any user on your account can log in to view transaction history on the homepage of the service, and search by date or other criteria to get reports on what documents have been filed, and what fees have been paid.

Q: What if I currently do not have the ability to convert my signed Word document to PDF?

A: There are many free software applications available for download on the Internet. Installing and using a PDF converter takes only minutes.

Q: When is my filing time and date stamped?

A: Filings will be reviewed by the filing office, and action taken within 1-2 business days of submission. The document images are time and date stamped at the time the filings are accepted by the filing office.

Q: If I need a document filed today, is there a way to request expedited service via the eDelivery system?

A: Contact the Secretary of State Business Services Division at (402) 471-4079 to request expedited processing of a filing submitted electronically.

Q: How can I check on the status of my filing?

A: Both subscribers and non-subscribers can use the transaction history link on the service homepage to view the status of all submitted filings. Subscribers must log in first.

Q: When is my accepted filing available through the online corporate search?

A: Once filings are accepted by the filing office, the images are available the next business day. You may retrieve the image of your filed stamped document immediately however, through the transaction history link on the homepage of the service.

Q: Does the online system automatically perform a name check for me when I am creating a new entity?

A: No, if you wish to determine if the name of the business is available in Nebraska before submitting your filing, you can request a name check via fax (402) 471-3666 or email