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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this online service is safe?
The Nebraska DMV online services are provided by a third party working in partnership with the State of Nebraska. These services are official State of Nebraska services and can be identified by the "" or "" in the URL.
There are other ".org" and ".com" websites that claim to provide the same online services that are NOT official government websites. and all services provided on Department of Motor Vehicles website are Official Nebraska Government Websites. Go to to review available online services.

Am I required to have insurance on my vehicle before registering?

How is my insurance verified when renewing online?
The Department of Motor Vehicles receives updates on a bi-monthly basis from nearly all insurance companies that are licensed to conduct business in Nebraska. These updates are used to verify insurance coverage during the online registration process.

If I have moved can I renew online?
No, an address change requires a visit to your local county treasurer's office to ensure proper distribution of the motor vehicle tax that is collected as part of your registration.

If I have changed my name can I renew online?
No, in order to properly change your name you will need to first have a new certificate of title for your vehicle issued. You will need to visit your local county treasurer's office to accomplish this.

Is my email address shared with others?
No. We use the email address to contact you only in the case that issues arise with your payment. We will not share or use your email address for anything not related to your online registration renewal.

Are all vehicles eligible to be renewed online?
No. There are some vehicles that require additional documentation at the time of renewal; therefore, cannot be renewed online. There is a list of those types of registrations below:

  • Vehicles with amateur radio license plates.
    A current FCC issued amateur radio station license must be presented
  • Vehicles with Pearl Harbor survivor license plates.
    Proof of a current membership in the Nebraska Chapter of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association must be presented.
  • Vehicles with a tax exempt status (i.e. vehicles owned by a non-resident, a non-resident military member, a non-profit organization, a qualifying disabled veteran, a qualifying Native American, etc.).
    Evidence or application for the continuing qualification for tax-exempt status must be presented.
  • Commercial and farm-plated vehicles that are registered for more than 27 tons.
    Evidence of compliance with the IRS heavy vehicle use tax requirements must be presented.

How do I increase or decrease the registered weight for my vehicle when renewing online?
If you need to increase or decrease the registered weight for your vehicle, you will need to visit you local county treasurer's office for renewal.

Where can I find more information on registering my vehicle?
You may visit the Vehicle Registration page of the Department of Motor Vehicles' website.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my online registration?
You may contact your local county treasurer or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Can I pay the renewal fees with a paper check sent to me by my credit card company?
The paper checks issued by credit card companies are not accepted through the online renewal system.

Will the receipt printed at the end of the online renewal process be sufficient as proof of registration while waiting for receipt of the renewed registration and license plate stickers?
No, the payment receipt is not valid proof of vehicle registration. Once your order is completed online, you will receive your renewed registration, license plates and/or stickers in the mail in around 5 business days.

Can the renewed registration and license plate stickers be mailed to an address other than the one appearing on my registration or renewal notice?
No, registrations renewed online must be mailed to the address on your current registration or renewal notice. An address change requires a visit to your local county treasurer's office to ensure proper distribution of the motor vehicle tax that is collected as part of your registration.

I misplaced my renewal notice, can I still renew online?
Yes, the information needed to register your vehicle online is the registered name or business name, license plate number, registration number as well as the plate type. You may find this information on your registration document.

The amount owed for my vehicle, as displayed during the online registration process, does not match the amount provided on the renewal notice that I received. Which amount is correct?
The total online payment covers the amount you owe as well as the operating costs, incurred by the Network Manager, Nebraska Interactive, LLC contracted by the Nebraska State Records Board (NSRB) to provide online services for Nebraska government agencies, including the State's portal ( Nebraska Interactive builds and manages online solutions that help Nebraska government realize greater operational efficiencies by allowing citizens to interact quickly and easily with their government. And may include a postage/handling fee as assessed by your local county treasurer's office.

How can I renew my driver license online?
You may be eligible to get or renew your driver license online.
You can find out if you are eligible to renew your license online by entering your information into the online application. For specific information regarding qualification requirements, read more about Nebraska Driver Licenses on the Nebraska DMV website.

How do I order a specialty plate for my vehicle?
You are able to search for available messages for your Nebraska License Plate and order a specialty plate design online through the Nebraska DMV's online services

How can I obtain a copy of my driver record online?
You are able to get a copy of your driver record online through the Nebraska DMV's ClickDMV online services.

My license is suspended or revoked, how do I find out what I need to do before I can reinstate my license?
You can check your reinstatement requirements online through the Nebraska DMV's online services. Once your license is in a good status, you can order your license online.
You can find out more about License Suspensions and Revocations on the Nebraska DMV website.

What other online services does the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles provide?