UCC-1 Original Filing Demo

The is the verification and additional information screen. After the initial lien information has been entered, this screen is presented. Here you have a chance to not only review the current lien information as it stands, but to add additional information to the lien as well.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen, you will notice the Additional Information Options, to add an additional debtor or secured party.l As well, once you're satisfied that the filing information is correct, you can actually submit the filing.

This is a real time process, so once the filing is submitted, it's immediately entered into the Secretary of State's database, and the new date and time of filing, as well as the assigned filing number are returned to you at this time.

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Verify Entry Of Information About This Lien

Please review the lien as it stands now.

If there is more information that needs to be added to this lien, please click the appropriate link listed below this financing statement.

Otherwise, if you are positive that all information here is correct, then click on the "File Financing Statement" button below. Please take note that when you click on the "File Financing Statement" button below, the lien will be filed at that time. Please be sure that all information is correct before you do so.

Uniform Commercial Code


Secured Party(s)

Actions Collateral:

Additional Information

Continue Filing

If you are satisfied that all information on this lien is correct then click the "File Financing Statement" button below. This will file the lien with the Secretary of State's office and place a charge on your Nebraska.gov account.