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Our state of the art laundry facilities, located at TSCI and NSP, provide high quality laundry services at extremely competitive pricing to approved Nebraska State Agencies, county and local governments, including sheriff and police departments, political subdivisions; and schools and colleges.

Our staff has decades of commercial laundry experience and, together with a team of supervisors, maintains an exacting quality standard to meet specific customer needs.

Our laundry was built in 2002 to meet or exceed all State and Federal standards and to meet the growing demands for modern, efficient laundry facilities within the State of Nebraska. The latest in environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment allows us to save both time and resources for our customers. Total production square footage at both TSCI and NSP exceeds 25,000 square feet and currently produces over 6 million pounds annually. We are sensitive to the specific needs of 24-hour health care facilities, providing quality service over a wide range of health care apparel and bedding, as well as residents' personal apparel.

We have a computerized chemical delivery system that allows for precise, confirmed deliveries into our machines. Trained staff provides constant monitoring of these systems. These machines utilize an open-pocket design that insures excellent mechanical action during the wash cycle to thoroughly clean heavily soiled loads.

Current customers include Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, Health and Human Services facilities, and approved nonprofit facilities. We have additional capacity and would love to work with you to assess your laundry needs!

To learn more about what CSI can do for your organization or to discuss specific needs or customization of service, contact CSI at 1-800-348-7537.

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