Nebraska Real Estate Commission

Application for Real Estate License

Checklist Help Guide:
  • The Checklist Help Guide is a list of items and information that will be required to complete the online application.
Screen Guide Menu:
  • The Screen Guide Menu will assist you through the online application form. You will have the opportunity to edit your entries before submitting the completed form.
    Do Not use your Browser's "Back" or "Forward" buttons to navigate between pages or your data entered may be lost.

It is recommended that you review the paper application form, as a guide, before proceeding to complete the online application. At the top of each web page, the corresponding paper application questions will be listed for your reference.

If you intend to upload any items mentioned in the Checklist Help Guide, be sure to have the file(s) ready in one of the following formats: image/jpeg ( *.jpg, *.jpeg), application/pdf ( *.pdf, *.PDF), application/msword (*.doc, *.DOC). Once uploaded, these files cannot be changed. Maximum allowed size for each uploaded file is 2MB ( 2,048KB each ). These items may also be mailed separately, emailed, faxed, hand delivered or submitted by upload with the online application. When additional information is submitted separately, you will need to indicate, if applicable, the application question you are referencing, as well as your name, address and telephone number.

Check your printer setting and be ready to print a copy of the final submitted form. It is recommended that you keep a copy of the online application form. Once received in our office, it will be reviewed for completeness. If there is any missing information, you will be contacted for this data and may need to refer to the corresponding question.

Please select a license type and click "Continue..."

Real Estate Broker - (application and 1 examination fee) $285.00
Real Estate Broker By Licensure Recognition (Reciprocity) - (application fee) $135.00
Real Estate Salesperson - (application and 1 examination fee) $285.00
Real Estate Salesperson By Licensure Recognition (Reciprocity) - (application fee) $135.00