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Financial Industries We Regulateunderline

Search results only contain information regarding financial institutions that are licensed by or registered to conduct business within the State of Nebraska.

You may search by company name, city and/or state. Please check your spelling to ensure accurate results. Leave search fields empty to obtain a complete listing.

If no records are found that match your search criteria, this may not necessarily indicate that the company cannot do business in Nebraska. Please contact the Department at 402-471-2171 for further information.

Delayed Deposit Service
State Chartered Bank
State Chartered Credit Union
State Chartered Savings & Loan
State Chartered Trust Company

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**Search data is updated weekly. Any listing from this search should not be used as a true and accurate list of all entities licensed to conduct business within the State of Nebraska. Please contact our Department at 402/471-2171 to obtain such a list. For problems with this search, contact the webmaster.

To search for a licensed Installment Loan, Mortgage Banker, Sales Finance Company, or Money Transmitter Licensee, please use the NMLS Consumer Access.
NMLS Consumer Access