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A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I know online services are safe?

A: These online services are provided by, Nebraska Interactive, a third party working in partnership with the State of Nebraska. These services are official State of Nebraska services and can be identified by the "" in the URL. There are other ".org" and ".com" websites that claim to provide the same online services that are NOT official government websites.

Q: I need to contact an agency within Nebraska government but I’m not sure which one. Where can I go for help?

A: The Nebraska Library Commission provides a service named “Ask a Librarian” that can answer general questions or direct you to the appropriate agency for help

Q: I paid for a service online, and need a receipt. How do I get that?

A: A copy of the confirmation receipt would have been emailed to the email address you provided upon payment. If you did not receive one, please check your spam or junk folder. You may have provided an incorrect email address and will need to contact the agency you made payment to. You can find a complete list of agency contact information at

Q: I have a charge on my billing statement and I’m not sure what it’s for.

A: If your billing statement charge references or 800-747-8177, the charge is related to an official Nebraska online service. This could be to renew a driver license, motor vehicle registration, pay a court citation payment, or renew a professional license. If you need help determining what that fee was for, you may contact Technical Support and they can help you identify the charge.

Q: My online bank statement has multiple charges for the same payment, what do I do?

A: Verify whether or not the charges are pending. A pending payment is when the payment has been authorized, but not yet processed. If you submitted payment that failed or had errors, the payment should expire within three business days. If the payments are not pending, the payment can be researched by contacting Technical Support.

Q: My Transaction Total was different than the amount I owed the agency, why?

A: The Transaction Total covers the amount you owe as well as the operating costs, incurred by the Network Manager, Nebraska Interactive, LLC contracted by the Nebraska State Records Board (NSRB) to provide online services for Nebraska government agencies, including the State's portal ( Nebraska Interactive builds and manages online solutions that help Nebraska government realize greater operational efficiencies by allowing citizens to interact quickly and easily with their government.

Q: I tried to complete an online payment and I received an error processing payment, what do I need to do?

A: The system should display an error message indicating the reason the payment failed. Please follow the directions provided to you. If the message is unclear or you still have questions, you may contact Technical Support.

Q: I’m trying to finish my online transaction and the system won’t let me continue (stuck on the page, button won’t work, etc). What can I do?

A: First, check for any error messages on the screen. If no messages are visible, the browser version you are using may not be compatible with the online application. Please let us know about this by contacting Technical Support. You can try using a different browser (Ex. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome), computer, tablet or smart phone to complete if a fix is not immediately available.

Q: How do I become a Subscriber?


Q: I know my user name, but my password isn’t working. How do I reset it?

A: You can attempt to reset your password online @ You must have a current email address on file. If this method is unsuccessful, please fax a request to 402-471-7817 to reset your password. Include your full name, user name, phone number, and email address.

Q: Can I change my password to something more memorable?

A: Please remember that security is not a convenience. goes great length to maintain your user identity secure and safe. Please make your computer remember your issued password first and if it fails you may change it to something specific that you will remember (it still must meet password security standards)You must have a current email address on file, to verify this you may contact us at 800-747-8177.

Q: I forgot my Subscription user name. How do I recover it?

A: If you need a reminder of your user name, you can contact Technical Support. Passwords cannot be given out over the phone without proving identity in writing or electronically.

Q: How do I update my billing information with

A: Please contact via phone at 402-4717810 or via fax at 402-4717817. We will confirm the update by calling you back. Please DO NOT email us your credit card information, it is extremely unsafe and will not be liable for losses if your credit card number will be exposed via email.

Q: I’m reconciling my invoice, where can I get a copy of the invoice details?

A: You can log into the Customer Database (CDB) and run reports for your billing summary or invoices.

Q: Where can I get more information on Subscriber services?


Q: I need to contact a Nebraska Agency, how do I find the contact information?

A: We provide technical support for the online services. Please refer to the All Agencies page to get the contact information for the agency you need to reach.

Q: I need to contact a Nebraska state employee, how do I find the contact information?

A: We provide technical support for the online services. Please refer to the State Phone Directory to get the contact information for the person you need to reach.

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